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YG's Voice – Saying What's Unsaid is my notepad. A space, I seek to write whatever strikes my mind; text my thought and word my action, especially things happening around me and my acquaintances. Apart from mine, I would also attempt to inscribe a topic that will interest and concern me and worth writing.

YG's Voice – Saying What’s Unsaid is a purely personal page of mine, it would content the write-up of my personal experience and other linked to me as well. And also I intend to speak out what’s not spoken. In doing this, I have also kept in mind that my blog has no intention to hurt the feeling of any person or organization as a whole. My blog will contain nothing, but my daily or weekly (or even monthly/ yearly) encounters.
I must admit I am new to writing, it may contain mistakes in the language that I try to use, therefore, I wholeheartedly well come your opinion, suggestions, comments, etc., for further improvement of my blog. So, if you happen to plunge in my site do the above favor. As a novice writer, I am always prone to make mistakes, so I would like to request fellow readers to pardon me.

And I quote “All I have is a voice.” – W.H Auden.
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The contents herein are an expression of author's own opinions. The concepts expressed here are solely my own and in any way does not represent anybody's work.

It would be purely coincidence and unintentional from owner's part, if someone's feeling is hurt as a result of reading and or acting upon advice found here.

The owner shall not be held responsible for any comments that can be found here as they are expressive opinions and property of their own authors.

Any contents that require owner's attention, the readers may kindly notify the owner via yoezergempo@gmail.com or yoezergempo@yahoo.com so the problem can be rectified.