August 22, 2013

The Alchemist

You were born no immortal
Yet you outstrip we mortal
Heaven gifted you, virtue to serve
Men, women, children those that deserve
Your help, by and by walking in
Hope against hope; you will bring
All bliss in their mind
Folk knew it rest in your hand. 

I heard once from my cousin
Whilst he did call on. Neither heard nor seen
Ere such adventurous tale
You took no ale
To make your wayward Solomon’s mine
In eve you forgot to dine
Hunting for the mysterious treasure
You did but for others pleasure.

Herculean task; you  tried time and again
But all in vain.
Through rocky cliff and amidst wood
Home ward returned you in grave mood.
In your dream you cooked up alchemy
Lead to gold you change by
Your own wit but, in full sound
You cried in your sleep on the ground.



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