August 22, 2013

My wife, Me and Resignation.

You may wonder why I relate above three, I must admit, it shocked me more as it would surprise you. Of course, the former two is legally related but in no way any relates to RESIGNATION.
It wasn’t easy for my wife to decide to quit her job or to anyone either. But, what can one do? If his/ her charm to work is snatched away, when one is forcibly sent to the lesser importance workplace, when one have to bear the penalty of other’s mistake, when one’s entitlement are barred. Still she stayed firm against all odds. The idea to study (further) and quitting might not have generated in my wife’s head. If she was allowed work where she was, if she was given her concession what she deserves and not made to beg.

Now she quit. I don’t have a problem nor should other have. I am happy for she would be free – free from harassment, free from insult, free from mental torment, moreover free from the work where she wasn’t meant. Should anyone feel that I have to quit, I would like to know which rule book states, “If both husband and wife are employed in the same organization, when one resigns, others too have to quit”. I am asked to do same. A day or night won’t be enough for someone to decide whether to quit or not.        
It’s too early for me to comment on my retirement. I will let you know when I decide to do. And please do note I can’t make my lifetime decision over a night. I have a wife and a daughter to feed, father, mother, sisters and brothers to look after. Regarding my wife’s resignation, call her and ask, for her reason to quit. She might explain you very well than me.
As of now, I have not yet decided. Nor I want someone to decide for me.
Note: The above is a personal feeling of the writer. Not meant to do any harm to anyone or any organization. If anyone has to say anything please do comment. The Author will never answer in any form other than comment.


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