December 21, 2013

The Last Visit – The Great Mamey Rinchen

It was around 9:00 P.M when we reach at Mamey's house. I rang the doorbell, nobody opened  the door, I called my sister (Drayang Lhamo) at Nganglam to make a phone call to Aum Thungsi, (Since I didn’t have a phone number) and told her that I at the door. Aum Thungsi was in a deep sleep because she hasn't slept previous night as she was taking care of Mamey.
With The Great Mamey at Deothang
It's unusual, that our Mamey, sleeps at that early hour,  we knocked the  door of Mamey's room for several minutes and finally the caretaker opened it. Mamey too woke up, but didn't rise from bed. The strange thing he didn't utter a word like before. I was informed earlier by Aum Thungsi, Mamey has become so fragile that he is unable to recognize people and talk less.  And he was not eating any solid food, so they fed him thukpa and other juices. "Mamey", I said, "do you recognize us?" but in a low voice Mamey replied, "how is Sherab Dema's daughter?". At that moment tears flooded in my eyes. I got a feeling Mamey needs rest, so we went to bed.
There was a time, even before a call of roster and sound of alarm could be heard, Mamey used to wake early and chant his daily prayer. As far as I remember, he used to recite lungtaag. The prayer and the sound of his bell could be heard till the name of last family member were included. I can hardly remember the last prayer and bell I heard, because it's been a couple of years staying away from Mamey, in between we visited him. The time has passed so fast.
Next morning, neither the echo of prayer nor the sound of a bell is heard. I might have been in deep sleep, because it takes me tiresomely two to three hour drive to reach Mamey's house from where I reside now.  When I looked at a clock on the wall, it was past eight. Aum Thungsi and caregiver had prepared thukpa for him, my wife then fed. After breakfast was over, I peeled citrus (orange), the caregiver sliced the apple and we fed Mamey simultaneously.
In this instance, I realize, a father, once young and strong who raised three children of his own without a mother has grown so old and weak. A grandfather, whose hand had reached every grand child's mouth, now needs other to feed him. A mentor, who taught to do good, to sew, to work and to rise early from bed, now lies bedridden due to ailing age. I still remember how Mamey would take us to the river bank to pave and clear a footpath. If you clear pathway, no obstacle will befall on you way, is the assurance Mamey use to give us while clearing the footpath.
Ngagi Wangchuk, Self, Drayang Lhamo, Yangchen Tshomo, Sherab Dema, Mamey, Ana Pema yangchen
The time has come for us to leave, I went to Mamey's room to say that we are leaving. I handed few money to him, though weak and fragile, with some help Mamey rose and sat in bed, uttered few words. This time Mamey clearly recognize us. Then I said, “Mamey we will come back next week”. This was the last time we saw and talked to Mamey.

November 23, 2013

The Smile

This very question does knock my little heart,
Does in heaven suffer as here on earth?
If were I only Almighty’s son!
I can all things on earth own.

Alas! My heart’s bleeding, it’s wounded
Not by weapon nor sword but poisoned,
It’s the smile that I gained from her
That flew as light as a feather.

But, to you my men I tell
There’s no pride how they smile well,
It’s only Womens’ smile and sea tides
That one shouldn’t trust, as soon they fades.

November 2, 2013

Farewell to Mr. Dorji Wangchuk, Ex-Assistant Manager, CBBU.

For some of us, today would be the last day to be with Mr. Dorji Wangchuk, but officially he will separate from Card Board Box Unit, a unit of the Army Welfare Project, on November 4, 2013. As a gesture of appreciation for being with us and customary, we organized a farewell party on November 2, 2013.

Preparation of dinner
Mr. Dorji Wangchuk, started his career when I was barely a year old, he was employed on a permanent basis in the year of 1984 with the basic pay of Ngultrum 425/-. His service to this organization equals to my age. After rendering a service for almost 29 years with much dedication and sincerity to the organization, Dorji sir will be relieved from the service of AWP, along with four months basic pay as a token of appreciation.
Dorji Sir, We will miss you. We wish you all the best of luck in your coming future. You will be remembered always.

August 22, 2013

The Alchemist

You were born no immortal
Yet you outstrip we mortal
Heaven gifted you, virtue to serve
Men, women, children those that deserve
Your help, by and by walking in
Hope against hope; you will bring
All bliss in their mind
Folk knew it rest in your hand. 

I heard once from my cousin
Whilst he did call on. Neither heard nor seen
Ere such adventurous tale
You took no ale
To make your wayward Solomon’s mine
In eve you forgot to dine
Hunting for the mysterious treasure
You did but for others pleasure.

Herculean task; you  tried time and again
But all in vain.
Through rocky cliff and amidst wood
Home ward returned you in grave mood.
In your dream you cooked up alchemy
Lead to gold you change by
Your own wit but, in full sound
You cried in your sleep on the ground.


My wife, Me and Resignation.

You may wonder why I relate above three, I must admit, it shocked me more as it would surprise you. Of course, the former two is legally related but in no way any relates to RESIGNATION.
It wasn’t easy for my wife to decide to quit her job or to anyone either. But, what can one do? If his/ her charm to work is snatched away, when one is forcibly sent to the lesser importance workplace, when one have to bear the penalty of other’s mistake, when one’s entitlement are barred. Still she stayed firm against all odds. The idea to study (further) and quitting might not have generated in my wife’s head. If she was allowed work where she was, if she was given her concession what she deserves and not made to beg.

Now she quit. I don’t have a problem nor should other have. I am happy for she would be free – free from harassment, free from insult, free from mental torment, moreover free from the work where she wasn’t meant. Should anyone feel that I have to quit, I would like to know which rule book states, “If both husband and wife are employed in the same organization, when one resigns, others too have to quit”. I am asked to do same. A day or night won’t be enough for someone to decide whether to quit or not.        
It’s too early for me to comment on my retirement. I will let you know when I decide to do. And please do note I can’t make my lifetime decision over a night. I have a wife and a daughter to feed, father, mother, sisters and brothers to look after. Regarding my wife’s resignation, call her and ask, for her reason to quit. She might explain you very well than me.
As of now, I have not yet decided. Nor I want someone to decide for me.
Note: The above is a personal feeling of the writer. Not meant to do any harm to anyone or any organization. If anyone has to say anything please do comment. The Author will never answer in any form other than comment.

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