December 29, 2012

Before It Happen...

On the stages from Nepal as Muskaan
With dauntless gait, stood with artless smile.
Down on floor cried I be Muktaan
But ere eyes walked like queenly Nile.

"Perfect, but if she were with you".
Some one back to me talked.
Helpless, nothing I can do
Than applaud, as away with some one she walked.

"And too she will go with him",
If this is to happen on this earth
Thought I, promised I to them
Will carry her before fire flame in hearth.

December 26, 2012

One Day

I will be a man, good and fine
One day, hear me sing a song,
See me away turn from wine,
Again I will do no more wrong.

Away I will walk with her
One day, heart in hand I will bid goodbye
To my father, mother, brother, sister and to other
Those on this earth, under great sky.

Sure I will quit this heavenly earth
One day, alone you too my beloved,
Be not regretted, no part of woe shall fill your heart
Only remember how each other we loved.

But I know I will be happy in heaven
One day, living all things behind,
House, books, pens and my body even
And fly like body less wild wind.
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